Custom Drapes - Pinch Pleat Drapes on a pole with ringsThere are several reasons why someone would want to have custom drapes made, as opposed to buying ready made. The first and most obvious is because they are unable to find the right size.

Ready made curtains are very often just not long enough for the window. Add to that, in order to hang the rods, you will need at the minimum an additional 4″  of space over the window to accommodate the brackets for the rods.

Another reason is not being able to find the right colors or patterns that match the room you’re decorating. A bonus to having custom drapes made is that while you’re purchasing the fabric for the curtains, you can buy extra fabric for matching pillows, seat cushions, tableskirts, etc. to pull the room together and have a nice custom finished look to the room.

grommet drapes

Custom drapes

flat panel drapes on rings with pole

drapes with sheers

custom drapes on a pole with rings

drapes on rings

drapes on rings

pinch pleat drapes on rings

Custom drapes - Pinch Pleat Drapes on a hidden utility rod

Custom Drapes -  inverted pinch pleat drapes on a decorative traverse rod

Custom Drapes - Pinch pleat drapes under coordinating valance

Custom Drapes - Stationary pinch pleat panels on a pole with rings

Custom Drapes hanging from decorative medallions

Watch this video to see more examples of Custom Drapes!

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